No more fixed tolls, every kilometer to be tracked and billed.

FASTags and toll plazas are nearing extinction. The government is...

Future of Transportation is Digital

Digital technology has changed the way we live and shop....

The Most Comprehensive Tyre Care And Maintenance Guide

Your fleet of vehicles is vital to your business success....

Petrol and Diesel prices on The Rise

If you thought that Trump's war on Iran was not...


The Advancement of Party Logistics

Like most people in logistics and warehousing, you may have...

Everything you need to know about your construction fleet management

Companies both in and out of the construction industry utilize...

tire pressure

Discover the right Tyre Pressure-PSI for your Vehicle, Measure Tyre Inflation and save huge cost

Find out the right Tyre pressure for your vehicle type. Save time, save fuel, save money, and boost performance with Fleetable​.

fleetable blog

Big Data in Fleet Management

Are big data matters to your fleet management? What is...

Fleetable - Smart Fleet Management

Smart Fleet Management Market – Global Outlook and Analysis

Global Smart Fleet Management Market 2021 – 2028 Global smart...

BH Series Plate

New BH Series Number Plates

The new BH series number plates solve the problem of...


Best practices for fleet management.

Looking for some ways to improve your management strategy for your motor fleet? Here are a few best practices to get you on the right track to optimal efficiency.


E-way bill integrated with FasTag & RFID

Some companies are used to carrying the same Eway Bill...

2021 Logistics Outlook: PTL Industry Trends

For 2021, expect the Part Truckload (PTL) freight market to...

state wise eway bill limit

State-wise limits of E-way bill generation as on 31.03.2021

Sr. No. State EWB  start Date Notification reference Threshold limit...

Document validity extended

Road Ministry extended vehicle-related documents validity till June 30 2021

Considering the “grim” pandemic situation that continues now and the...


Vehicle Schedule Gap Report

Report to show the past schedule of the vehicle This...

pollution control

Air Pollution and Transport Sector

As long as transportation is burning diesel and petrol for fuel energy, no matter how advanced and efficient our engines become the emission will never come down to zero.
Electric vehicles are one of the only hopes we have against emission and air pollution.

farmers protest

Impact of farmers protest on transportation

After checking from different sources, we gathered that the market is still in balance with supply and demands for consumable items being constant. However, if the protest doesn’t stop soon, truck drivers will not be able to deliver goods on time which will result in the loss.

More about Scrappage Policy of India

For the commercial & transportation sector if the vehicle is older than 15 years as well as for private commuters if the vehicle is more than 20 years old, then they will be considered under the new scrappage policy.


Eway Bill Amendment in Section 138 (10)

"The New Amendment in Section 138 (10) of the CGST...


Reflective Tape Protect Vehicles

Reflective Tape Protect Vehicles Anyone who owns transport fleet knows...

Transporters blocked for creating Eway Bill Part A, no issues in Part B

After notification from GST council about blocking e-way bill creation,...