Middle Mile
What is the Middle Mile in Logistics ?

Meaning Middle mile delivery is vital to the transport of goods from a warehouse or fulfillment center to a retail facility. As its name suggests, it is the center part of the delivery process. The other delivery sections are first mile (transport from the manufacturer to the warehouse) and last mile (transport from the local

Reducing Pollution Emissions from the Commercial Vehicle

Introduction Air pollution is one of the biggest environmental health threats in the world, causing 7 million deaths every year (WHO, 2014). Nearly three-quarters of cities in India exceed the prescribed standards for ambient air quality (CPCB, 2020; David et al., 2019). For several air pollutants, including fine particles (PM2.5), emissions from the road transport

Why Your Business Needs the Transport Management Software

The following are some of the important things we’ll try to understand in this blog : What is Transport Management? What is Transport Management Software? Why do Transporters need Transport Management Software? Improve Your Business with a Transport Management Software. What are the benefits of Logistics and Transport Management Systems? Fleetable - Best Transport and

Free Vs Paid Software
The Difference between Paid and Free Software

Free Vs Paid Software Free is never Free​ There are many fleet management tools and transport management tools in the market, and the needs of each business will be different. As a small or newly started business, you may be tempted to choose a free fleet management tool. However, it's important to remember that there

Vehicle Breakdowns And Reasons

Introduction A vehicle breakdown is when a vehicle stops working properly and needs to be repaired. If your vehicle experiences a breakdown, it means there is a mechanical or electrical failure that prevents the vehicle from being operated safely. This can make it difficult or even impossible to operate the vehicle and can be dangerous

Blind Spot Truck Accidents : Helping you stay safe on the road.

Thousands of Indians drive every day alongside or behind tractor-trailers and big rigs. These large commercial trucks have blind spots that increase the risk of accidents with car drivers and motorcyclists. If the truck driver suddenly applies the brakes or switches lanes while being unaware of a smaller vehicle in the blind spot, it could

What is Nation Logistics Policy?

What is Nation Logistics Policy? On September 17th, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi celebrated his 72nd birthday. On this occasion, he welcomed eight cheetahs from Namibia to India. What is National Logistics Policy The government is introducing a new, tech-enabled approach to logistics operations to reduce logistics costs in the country. He noted the recent

The number plate system changed again in India : Now the New Toll plate will be installed in the vehicle
The number plate system changed again in India : Now the New Toll plate will be installed in the vehicle

The National Highway Authority of India is always working to improve transportation methods and facilities throughout the country. Minister of Road Transport and Highways, Nitin Gadkari, is constantly putting new experiments into action in order to make headlines. The latest experiment? The implementation of the Toll Plate system in India. Toll Plate : Toll Will

Pay E-Challan in Delhi

India, with its sprawling metro cities has some of the most dynamic and exciting urban landscapes across the globe. Not surprisingly, this also means that as India is such a flourishing country, there are thousands of challans - or notices regarding traffic violations - handed out every single day. In an effort to promote proper

Transport Rule for Bill To Ship Invoice and Eway Bill to under GST

‘Bill to and Ship to’ are common business scenarios where the party that on the bill is different from the party or parties actually receiving or shipping goods. When one settles a transaction involving a “bill to and ship to scenario”, two types of invoices are generated. The first invoice has information about the party


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