pollution control
Air Pollution and Transport Sector

Today air pollution has become one of the main environmental issues we are facing as a species. Coal-burning and industrialization have led us to all of the technological advancement as well as hurt our planet’s ecosystem. The constant emission of carbon has played a huge part in the depletion of the ozone layer. Although the

farmers protest
Impact of farmers protest on transportation

There is so much noise around the Farmer’s protest. Where many people are supporting farmers others are not exactly in the favor of the protest. However, when there is a protest of this size happening in a country’s capital, the transport industry is sure to suffer. Let’s take a look at what is happening with

More about Scrappage Policy of India

Scrappage policy in India Many industry experts believe that after the BS6, Scrappage policy will be the next big thing for the Indian automakers. Prakash Javadekar said, “the policy is ready, all of the stakeholders have given their inputs, we will soon roll out the new Scrappage policy.” Let’s take a look at what is

Eway Bill Amendment in Section 138 (10)

"The New Amendment in Section 138 (10) of the CGST halves the time period that is allowed for delivery of material. This is not as per ground realities and does not take into consideration the circumstantial reasons of delay and will open a pandora box leading to unforeseen conditions, disruptions and large number of non-compliances

Reflective Tape Protect Vehicles

Reflective Tape Protect Vehicles Anyone who owns transport fleet knows the cruciality of protecting the main asset of your business as well as minimizing the legal liability. Everyone knows that in cases of accidents the owner of the vehicle is liable for both exponential costs and legal liability. So, you must always do everything to