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What is SIM Based Tracking?

Truck monitoring is facilitated through a SIM based tracking system that utilizes GPS data from the driver’s mobile network. Drivers are required to authorize vehicle tracking for this feature. This online tracking system via SIM is appropriate for both rental trucks and automobiles.

To monitor trucks, a GPS-based tracking system uses SIM cards to obtain coordinates from the driver’s cellphone network. Prior consent from drivers is required for vehicle tracking via this method. This SIM-based tracking system is well-suited for hired and market vehicles, including automobiles and trucks.

Do You Want to Consider SIM Based Tracking?

The efficiency of the logistics sector seems to hinge upon ensuring that goods are conveyed in the location, and time. It falls within the company’s core remit to carry out this duty within the designated timeframe. Consequently, the primary objective is to effectively synchronize all crucial elements and convey them in their correct sequence, without causing any disruptions or tardiness to the delivery process.

The automobile industry’s transformations have given manufacturers and transportation companies an edge. While accurate fleet tracking is important, implementing affordable technology will become a critical factor. The latest approach to fleet tracking is increasingly necessary to understand the fleet’s movements, accurately predict arrival times, and enhance productivity.

Conventional GPS tracking devices are becoming obsolete due to their expensive and time-consuming nature. Therefore, fleet management and logistics firms must adopt SIM based tracking technology to overcome cost constraints, reduce operational expenses, and enhance the estimated time of arrival (ETA).

Real-time tracking: SIM based tracking provides real-time location tracking of vehicles or assets equipped with SIM cards. This enables businesses to monitor the exact whereabouts of their assets at any given time, allowing for accurate tracking and improved operational efficiency.

Easy Installation: All you want is a phone number, the operator’s name, and permission to track. That’s it! To begin the process, you submit this information to the website. Starting won’t take more than an hour, and in some situations, it might go faster.

No recurring payments: SIM tracking services do not require a monthly fee. Just pay for what you use. Days when you do not use the service will not be charged to you.

No wear and tear: SIM based tracking does not require installation, therefore, they do not cause any wear and tear. This means that the vehicle remains in pristine condition without any damage.

Wide coverage: SIM cards utilize cellular networks, which offer extensive coverage in most regions. This ensures that businesses can track their assets even in remote or rural areas where other tracking technologies may have limited reach. The wide coverage of cellular networks enhances the reliability and effectiveness of SIM-based tracking systems.

GPS vs SIM Based Tracking Systems: Differences

  • Due to their lack of dependence on a smartphone with an internet connection, SIM-based tracker services are accessible even on inexpensive feature phones. Because not all drivers may have a smartphone to access these services, SIM-based solutions are preferred for tracking the route status of assets as well as understanding detainments and diversions.

  • On the other hand, a GPS tracker can only be used after being connected to the internet.

Upkeep of Devices
  • SIM-based tracking is quick and easy to set up.
  • The upkeep of GPS monitoring devices needs time and money.
Consent Tracking
  • Since the driver must accept the tracking feature on his mobile device for the SIM-based tracking system to function, the driver’s permission is not interfered with.

  • The GPS tracking equipment is not subject to permission and may be problematic for some drivers.

Data Accuracy & Reporting Capabilities
  • SIM based tracking device’s reporting capabilities are unaffected by no-network zones because it does not require a continual internet connection. This guarantees more accurate and consistent data.

  • On the other hand, a GPS tracker can’t upload data in real-time and needs an internet connection for reporting.


Based on position coordinates obtained through the driver’s cellular network, the SIM Based Fleet Tracking Solution is designed to follow fleet activities across several locations. It was created to track, locate, and keep an eye on the fleet’s daily activities without the use of conventional GPS trackers. As already said, SIM-based monitoring provides several advantages over conventional tracking techniques.

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