BH Series Plate

The new BH series number plates solve the problem of vehicle relocation from one place to another.

The Indian government has released a new form of vehicle number plates that are designed to solve the problem of the relocation of registration of the vehicle from one state to another. It is called the new BH (Bharat) Series. These new number plates will be the standard for all the new vehicles.

The current vehicle registration system in India seems very complicated and can be really frustrating. The current vehicle registration system in India is based on the regional names of different states in India. When a vehicle is registered in a particular state, the registration number is uniquely assigned to it depending on the region. If the owner of the vehicle wants to shift his base from one state to another, the owner has to change the registration number of the vehicle. This means that a vehicle has a different registration number in a different state. This can cause a lot of confusions in the public.


Who can use the “BH” Number Plate?

As per the government of India, by the ministry of road and transport & highways, the BH number series will only be available to private vehicle owners as of now. Moreover, registration facility under the ‘BH’ series will be available only to employees of the central/state governments, central/state PSU employees, defense personals, and private sector organizations/ companies, with offices in five or more states/UTs.


Tax on BH number vehicles

While in a regular vehicle, one needs to pay the road tax for 15 years, for vehicle registering under the BH series, road tax will be paid only for 2 years, after which, owners can move to another state and pay the applicable tax as per the state policy.


Benefits of BH number plates

The current rule under Section 47 of the Motor Vehicles Act, a vehicle owner is not allowed to ply a vehicle in another state for more than a year. The vehicle is required to be re-registered in the new state should it outreach that tenure.

Vehicle registration is a long and arduous process in India. The vehicle owner is required to get a No Objection Certificate from the current state of registration. Following this, the vehicle would be assigned a new registration number. This post explains how to change the registration from one state to another.

The new BH Series would help to remove the need to re-register a vehicle should the owner move to a other state. So, if you are someone with a job that requires frequent transfers from one location to another, and if you’re eligible, the new BH series is going to help you. The new system will be in place from September 15, 2021.

Rules for BH Series Number

These Rules will be started from 15 September 2021 as per MORTH official notification

  • No Objection Certificate from the original state for assignment of New Marks in another state.
  • After paying the road tax in new state-provided new Registration marks.
  • Fill the road tax refund fee application on the basis of the original state.
  • Under the BH series, the white number plate of the vehicle will have the BH mark written in black.
  • The Central Motor Vehicles Rules 2021 have been introduced for the new rules of the Bharat Series.

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