Fleet Management
Top 5 Benefits of Implementing Fleet Management Software

Once restricted to huge corporations with massive convoys of vehicles, Fleet Management is presently a fast-growing trend in companies of all sizes. From nearby neighborhood small vendor with a few vans to across the country delivery services with thousands of trucks, there are numerous moving parts included when it comes to handling a Fleet.Maximizing effectiveness

Fleet Preventive Maintenance
Step by step guide to Create a Fleet Preventive Maintenance Plan

  Making a fleet preventive maintenance support plan includes a few vital stages to guarantee your vehicle stay in great working conditions, limit free time, and diminish general working expenses.   Here is a step-by-step guide to assist you: 1. Evaluate Your Fleet Stock- Report all vehicles and hardware, including make, model, year, VIN, and

The Best Fleet Management Software
Fleet Management Software: 10 Things to Consider

As a fleet supervisor, you ensure your overwhelming duty vehicles/equipment are well-maintained and running easily. Choosing the correct fleet management software arrangement can assist you save time and money whereas keeping your resources in best condition. How to Select the Top Fleet Management Software Fleet management software ought to give fleet supervisors with particular insight

6 Best Practices for Managing Fleet Tyres
6 Best Practices for Managing Fleet Tyres

Table Content In the ever-evolving landscape of fleet management, the significance of ensuring optimal tyre maintenance cannot be overstated. As an integral component of this dynamic realm, effective tyre care stands as a non-negotiable factor for the seamless operation of commercial vehicles. This blog is dedicated to delving into the essential practices that serve as

Exploring the Different Categories of Trucks in India

Given its size and sort of industries, India's financial system is largely dependent on the transportation sector. In this environment, trucks are vital due to the fact they move merchandise among towns, towns, and villages. These vans are made to fit unique transportation requirements, and they're available in a range of dimensions and shapes. Let's

What is fleet management ?
What Is Fleet Management?

What is Fleet Management? - "Fleet management means taking care of a bunch of vehicles, making sure they work well, stay safe, and don't cost too much to run.Here we'll cover strategies and best practices designed to boost efficiency, reduce expenses, and elevate overall performance for businesses with vehicle fleets. Whether you're a small business

Axle Load 2018 India Fleetable
GVW ( Gross Vehicle Weight ) of Indian Trucks

The maximum operational weight or mass that a vehicle can carry as determined by the manufacturer is known as the Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW). This weight includes the vehicle's chassis, body, engine, fluids, fuel, accessories, driver, passengers, and a safe amount of cargo (excluding any trailers). Commercial vehicles usually have the GVW information, on a

Fuel Management System
Fuel Management System Revolutionizing the Logistic Sector in India

One of the largest costs for business fleets is frequent fuel. Fuel expenses accounted for an average of 24% of fleet managers' overall costs in 2019. It is obvious that reducing these expenses may result in significant cost savings for your fleet, yet efficiently controlling fuel can be quite difficult. The cost of fuel varies

Traditional GPS Tracking vs. SIM-Based Tracking A Comparative Analysis
Traditional GPS Tracking vs. SIM Based Tracking: A Comparative Analysis

Two frequently utilized techniques for monitoring and tracking vehicles in fleet management are traditional GPS tracking and SIM-based tracking. Although both strategies accomplish the same goal, there are significant variations in the technology and functioning of each. Traditional GPS Tracking The Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites are used in conventional GPS tracking to identify the

PM To Make a $5 Trillion Economy: Nitin Gadkari at the 2023 ET Supply Chain & Logistics Summit

The Economic Times Supply Chain Management & Logistics Summit 2023 featured interaction between audience members and Nitin Gadkari, Minister of Road Transport and Highways, Government of India. India now has the world's fastest-expanding economy. Our nation has to grow exports while lowering imports in order for our honorable prime minister to create a $5 trillion

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