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e-Pass is being issued for those who are engaged in providing essential services like manufacturing, transport, storage and shops but do not have a Government or Private ID.

The following days will have strict policy taken up by the government to prevent people from getting the Coronavirus. The state governments on the advisory of Health ministry to maintain social distance has come out with a way of issuing E pass for essential things in the lockdown period. Though the essential movements are not being stopped by the government, but will be regulated by the E pass. All movements will being closely monitored.

Transportation comes under essential service

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Who are eligible to get COVID-19 e-Pass

Although anyone can apply for the pass to commute, The authorities will release the pass only to people who are providing essential services. So it is advisable for the people connected to the non-essential services not to apply for the curfew pass. People from non-essential services will not be allowed to travel in this situation even with their private vehicles. All the borders of all the states are sealed and only doctors, people related to media and other essential services will be allowed to travel. People related to services like groceries and medicine will be allowed to step out on self-declaration.

All the people connected to the essential services will be allowed to travel without being asked to show any document. But the public services like buses, cabs will be suspended till next order from the government. Now the trucks carrying fruits, vegetables and other essential items have granted permission to travel.

Curfew e-pass application sample


Curfew e-pass sample


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