PUC- The PUC Certificate is like a special permission slip for vehicles in India. It’s called “Pollution Under Control Certificate.” This paper is super important for every person who has a vehicle. It says that your vehicle is allowed to be on the roads in India because it’s not harming the environment too much.

Think of it as a green signal from the government that your vehicle is following the pollution rules. This piece of paper makes sure that the smoke or pollution coming out of your vehicle is not too much.

This certificate is given by special places that test how much pollution a vehicle makes. These places are allowed by the government to check and give the certificate. They look at the smoke your vehicle makes and check if it’s within the limits that the government says are okay.

So, in simple words, a PUC Certificate is like a note from the government that says your vehicle is being good for the environment and not making too much pollution.

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