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The maximum operational weight or mass that a vehicle can carry as determined by the manufacturer is known as the Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW). This weight includes the vehicle’s chassis, body, engine, fluids, fuel, accessories, driver, passengers, and a safe amount of cargo (excluding any trailers). Commercial vehicles usually have the GVW information, on a plate or, in the manufacturer’s documentation or website. To determine the Harmonised System (HS) code you need to identify the GVW.

The gross weight of a vehicle (GVW) is the combination of the weight of a vehicle and the maximum payload it can carry. In cars and small light trucks, there isn’t a difference, between the weight and GVW (around 1,000 to 1,500 lbs). However, larger vehicles and tractor-trailers can carry up to 200% of their weight due to their high payload capacity. Sized vehicles (truck classes 3 6) have a payload capacity range, from 50% to 100%.

In India, what is the gross vehicle weight ( GVW ) of trucks?

The Indian Ministry of Road Transport and Highways modified the maximum safe axle weight on July 16, 2018, and it was amended in a subsequent notification dated August 6, 2019. Both previously registered automobiles and newly registered vehicles were affected by this change.

Table of categories of Commercial vehicle in India

GVW ≤ 3.5 Ton N1 N 1A
3.5 Ton < GVW ≤ 7.5 Ton N2 N 2A
7.5 Ton < GVW ≤ 12 Ton N2 N 2B
12 Ton < GVW ≤ 18.5 Ton N3 2 Axel Rigid N 3A
18.5 Ton < GVW ≤ 28 Ton N3 Multi Axle Rigid N 3B
28 Ton < GVW ≤ 49 Ton N3 Multi Axle Rigid N 3C
30 Ton < GCW ≤ 55 Ton N3 Multi Axle Rigid N3 Tractor

Tonnage Categorization Table as per OEMs

Upto 3.5 Ton SCV Small Commercial Vehicle
3.5 Ton < GVW ≤ 8 Ton LCV Light Commercial Vehicle
8 Ton < GVW ≤ 16.2 Ton ICV Intermediate Commercial Vehicle
18.5 Ton GVW MCV Medium Commercial Vehicle
28 Ton < GVW ≤ 49 Ton MAV Multi Axle Vehicle
30 Ton < GCW ≤ 55 Ton TT Tractor Trailer


Q1. How Much Is a Semi-Truck’s Taxable Gross Weight?

Ans: The taxable gross weight of the vehicle is its total unloaded weight. The empty weight of a truck, truck tractor, or bus that is prepared for duty is referred to as its “unloaded weight”.

The actual unloaded weight of any trailers or semi-trucks that are properly equipped for operation and frequently utilised in conjunction with the vehicle, as well as the weight of the maximum load that the vehicle is generally capable of carrying.

Q2. What is the importance of Gross Vehicle Weight?

Ans: A higher GVW will increase the likelihood of a heavier load, which will increase the transporter’s earnings.

Q3. What does unladen truck weight mean?

Ans: The truck or vehicle’s unladen weight is its weight when it has nothing inside of it, such as cargo or a passenger.

Q4. What is Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW)?

Ans: The total weight of all the axles beneath the chassis is known as the gross vehicle weight (GVW), and each axle has a specific rating according to the CMVR (Central Motor Vehicle Rules).

Q5. How to find the Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW)?

Ans: A. Mathematically, Gross vehicle weight = Unladen weight + Payload

Q6. What is the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating?

Ans: The maximum weight that a vehicle is intended to transport is known as the GVWR, and it includes the net weight of the vehicle plus all of its accessories as well as the weight of any passengers, fuel, and cargo. A safety measure used to avoid overloading is the GVWR.

Q7. What is the difference between gross weight and net weight?

Ans:  Gross weight includes the weight of the items, their packing, and any additional accessories used for shipment, whereas net weight just relates to the weight of the goods.

  • Weight Calculation

Gross weight = net weight + packaging/ container weight. Net weight = gross weight – tare weight.

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