In our earlier blog on e-pass we have given links of different states websites which can be used to apply for e-pass.(Click to check links of states) in this blog we have given an example of filling e-pass form for your assistance.

How to apply for e-pass with example.

Step by step procedure to Apply e-pass

  1. Enter the mobile number, you will receive an otp on the mobile number, put the otp and you will be redirected to a blank form.(put mobile in landscape mode for better image)Step-1-Mobile-OTP
  2. In This Form Fill the relevant details as per your requirements
  3. There are two options, either you can apply for Organisation or for single person. For organisation you can take approval for 5 persons in one form, enter the details of each person.
  4. After submission you will receive a reg no. this can be used to download the e-pass. A printout link will be shared by sms if you want you can take print out of the form.

Please note that size of image has to be between 10kb to 100kb, size of Id Proof should be below 200Kb. there are many tools which can be used to reduce the size of image online. some examples are,, These are from web search we do not promote any of them, neither we take any responsibility if you use any of these tools.

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