After long awaited reform in Motor vehicle act here comes an amendment, historical step towards making roads safe and save lakhs of innocent lives

Key Points in the Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Bill, 2016 Introduced in Lok Sabha on 9th Aug, 2016

This is the Part 1 of key points mentioned in Motor Vehicle bill presented to Lok Sabha

Broadly, following are the aspects which are focused in bill, these are described briefly in the blog:

  1. Empowering States
  2. Strengthening Enforcement and Improve Road Safety
  3. Simplification and Citizen Facilitation
  4. Automation and Computerization
  5. Speedy assistance to accident victims
  6. Strengthening Public Transport

Strengthening Enforcement and Improve Road Safety


  • Protection of Good Samaritans who help accident victims
  • Heavy Penalties on those not giving way to ambulances
  • Mandating protective head gear for all the riders including children above four years of age
  • Mandatory for all riders to wear helmets (No power to grant any further exemptions to anyone)
  • Impounding and suspension of license in case of over speeding, dangerous driving, drunk driving, use of unsafe vehicles, not wearing helmets, use of mobiles etc.
  • Recognizing the use of IT enabled enforcement equipment
  • Recognition of driver refreshing training course as a remedial measure in case of suspension of license
  • Strengthening driver training for grant of transport license within a stipulated timeline
  • Mandatory automated testing for fitness certification

Stricter Penalties


  • Minimum penalty of Rs 500 as against present amount of Rs 100
  • Rules of Road Regulations given more importance
  • Menace of Overloading addressed with stricter penalties of Rs 20000 and additional penalty of Rs 2000 per excess ton of overload
  • Similar penalties for protruding materials also

Offenses by Juvenile

  • Strict penalties for juvenile offenses
  • Guardian/ Owner of vehicle deemed to be offender
  • Penalty of Rs 25000 and three years punishment
  • Juvenile to be tried as per JJ Act, 2000
  • Vehicle registration to be cancelled for one year
  • Juvenile not entitled to get a driving license till he attains age of 25 years

Dangerous Driving Defined


  • Jumping a Red Light
  • Violating a stop sign
  • Use of handheld mobile device while driving
  • Passing or overtaking other vehicles in a manner contrary to law
  • Driving against the authorized flow of traffic or
  • Driving in any manner that would be dangerous
  • Penalty of one to five thousand and one year imprisonment

Enforcement officer made responsible

  • No over dimensional vehicles beyond permissible limits to be registered or granted fitness
  • Penalty to five to ten thousand
  • Offenses by enforcement officers will attract double penalty

A Big NO to Drunken Driving

  • Penalty increased to Rs 10000 from present level of Rs 2000
  • Suspension of License
  • Drugs also included

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Presentation by our Joint Secretary (Highways) Mr Abhay Damle

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