This is the second and final post on Motor vehicle act amendments, 2016 presented to Lok Sabha. We have also made a video for the same.

Speedy assistance to accident victims

  • Protection of Good Samaritans who help accident victims
  • Heavy Penalties on those not giving way to ambulance
  • Cashless treatment during golden hour
  • Faster and hassle-free provisions for compensation of Rs five lacs for grievous hurt and ten lac for death
  • Enhanced compensation of Rs two lacs in case of death and fifty thousand for grievous hurt for victims of hit and run accidents

Simplification and Citizen Facilitation


  • Permitting issue of driving license anywhere in state
  • Facilitating grant of online learning license
  • Registration of new vehicles at the dealer’s end including grant of registration number before the delivery of the vehicle is given
  • Increasing the timeline for the renewal of driving license from on month to six months before and after the expiry date
  • Renewal of transport license after five years as against present provision of three years
  • Renewal of driving license up to the age of sixty years for 10 years



  • National Register of Driving License
  • National Register of vehicle registrations
  • Documentation permissible in electronic form
  • Innovation to be promoted. Government allowed to grant exemption from any provision of the act to permit innovation
  • Provision for recycling of vehicles
  • Insurance litigation can be continued by the successors of the deceased victims
  • NHAI empowered for National Highways traffic

Transport License


  • Requirement of Educational qualification done away
  • Requirements of one year gap between permanent license and transport license can be removed if the person undergoes a prescribed training in a recognized driving school
  • Renewal of Transport license after five years against present provision of three years
  • For hazardous vehicles the validity of license increased from one year to three years
  • Hired Driver brought under the insurance cover


  • Aggregators recognized as a legal entity
  • Aggregators brought within the ambit of licensing mechanism with guidelines to be framed by central government
  • Licenses to be granted by states
  • For citizen facilitation aggregators play an important role but they have to comply with the regulations laid down by regulators
  • Penalty provision for violating to the extent of Rs 25000 to Rs 1 lac per default

Automation and Computerization


  • Prompting use of electronic forms and documents
  • Migration from state registers of driving license and vehicle registration to national
  • Promoting innovation
  • Recognition and regulation of aggregators for facilitation services to citizens

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Presentation by our Joint Secretary (Highways) Mr Abhay Damle

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