FASTags and toll plazas are nearing extinction. The government is in the process of launching the country’s first ever GPS toll collection pilot project with 1.37 lakh cars, which will help eliminate the need for FASTags completely.

Soon the FASTag collection system and old toll plaza system,
which have been in place for a while now, will be retired as officials have
begun to install satellite GPS and other equipment that allows drivers to pass
through more quickly without having to stop at all.

The most interesting aspect of this project is that the government could begin to collect tolls immediately as soon a car enters a toll road and charge drivers exactly what per the distance that their vehicle drivers on the specific toll road. This way, the more distant drivers travel, the greater amount of money drivers would pay for having used an inter-city toll road.

Today, 97% of the vehicles on the road are FASTag enabled. This means that it may not be long before toll collection gets automated thereby resulting in a reduction on traffic congestion and fuel consumption! All we need now is to get a GPS device installed on these windows so that the device can track their whereabouts and automatically deduct bills from your wallet as you pass by one of our many toll plazas.


As this system has been successfully implemented in many European countries, the government is planning on implementing a similar system here, which would replace the one that is currently in place.


Over 1.37 lakh cars now have GPS devices recording their locations and as an expert from Russia and South Korea are preparing a report based on findings, the results are expected to be released in the coming weeks.


Insiders claim that the Ministry of Transport is currently drafting the final plans for implementation, and will announce them to the public soon.

Though the current e-way bill system suffers from a loophole that enables vehicle owners to use toll roads without paying methods, advanced human identification systems will help the government recover the charges at least later or even cancel registration if necessary.

Despite this disadvantage, it is expected that this system will increase toll collection countless times over for the government as each and every kilometer will be monitored. As of today, toll plazas cannot keep track of vehicles that bypass them through country dirt roads.


This point-to-point system is advantageous for car owners in the case that they had to pay the entire toll even though they didn’t totally make it through the toll road. In such cases, this point-to-point system needs their cars’ EZTags to make sure they only have to pay for what they used from the entrance to where they exit.


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