Transportation Management system
What is Transportation Management System

A Transportation Management System is software that aids businesses in managing the logistics involved in moving physical items by land, air, sea, or a combination of these modes of transportation. TMS logistics software, which is a component of the larger supply chain management system, works to ensure prompt delivery of goods by streamlining loads and

Essential Tips for Safe Vehicle Driving in Rainy Weather

The Monsoon season is here, and India is anticipated to see heavy rainfall. All the city’s roadways frequently submerge beneath water. Each year, there are incidents where motorists attempt to drive over flooded roads and experience engine failure. Apart from this problem, monsoons are often harsh on automobiles. Many elements, including automobile exterior Maintenance and

The Distinction Between Supply Chain Management (SCM) And Logistics
The Distinction Between Supply Chain Management (SCM) And Logistics

In the field of operations and business management, two terms often used interchangeably are logistics and supply chain management (SCM). While they are related and share similar goals, it is essential to understand the distinctions between these two concepts. In this blog, we will delve into the key differences between logistics and supply chain management,

Traditional GPS Tracking vs. SIM-Based Tracking A Comparative Analysis
Traditional GPS Tracking vs. SIM Based Tracking: A Comparative Analysis

Two frequently utilized techniques for monitoring and tracking vehicles in fleet management are traditional GPS tracking and SIM-based tracking. Although both strategies accomplish the same goal, there are significant variations in the technology and functioning of each. Traditional GPS Tracking The Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites are used in conventional GPS tracking to identify the

PM To Make a $5 Trillion Economy: Nitin Gadkari at the 2023 ET Supply Chain & Logistics Summit

The Economic Times Supply Chain Management & Logistics Summit 2023 featured interaction between audience members and Nitin Gadkari, Minister of Road Transport and Highways, Government of India. India now has the world's fastest-expanding economy. Our nation has to grow exports while lowering imports in order for our honorable prime minister to create a $5 trillion

Fleet Management | Fleetable
What Is Fleet Management? Everything You Need To Know

What is fleet management? Fleet management is a process that involves overseeing all aspects of fleet maintenance and operations, aimed at enhancing business efficiency and reducing potential risks. It is essential for any business that relies on commercial vehicles regularly to implement effective fleet management strategies. By doing so, organizations can optimize their operations, ensure proper

SIM Based Tracking | Fleetable
All About SIM Based Tracking

What is SIM Based Tracking? Truck monitoring is facilitated through a SIM based tracking system that utilizes GPS data from the driver's mobile network. Drivers are required to authorize vehicle tracking for this feature. This online tracking system via SIM is appropriate for both rental trucks and automobiles.To monitor trucks, a GPS-based tracking system uses

Middle Mile
What is the Middle Mile in Logistics ?

Meaning Middle mile delivery is vital to the transport of goods from a warehouse or fulfillment center to a retail facility. As its name suggests, it is the center part of the delivery process. The other delivery sections are first mile (transport from the manufacturer to the warehouse) and last mile (transport from the local

Reducing Pollution Emissions from the Commercial Vehicle

Introduction Air pollution is one of the biggest environmental health threats in the world, causing 7 million deaths every year (WHO, 2014). Nearly three-quarters of cities in India exceed the prescribed standards for ambient air quality (CPCB, 2020; David et al., 2019). For several air pollutants, including fine particles (PM2.5), emissions from the road transport

Why Your Business Needs the Transport Management Software

The following are some of the important things we’ll try to understand in this blog : What is Transport Management? What is Transport Management Software? Why do Transporters need Transport Management Software? Improve Your Business with a Transport Management Software. What are the benefits of Logistics and Transport Management Systems? Fleetable - Best Transport and

Fleetable: The best fleet and transport management software in india that will help you manage all aspects of your fleet, from drivers and vehicles to simple maintenance and repairs. You’ll be able to track everything in a single place


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