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Anyone who owns transport fleet knows the cruciality of protecting the main asset of your business as well as minimizing the legal liability. Everyone knows that in cases of accidents the owner of the vehicle is liable for both exponential costs and legal liability. So, you must always do everything to save your fleet from potential accidents. The bottom line here is that your investment is worth considering.

As we already know the majority of accidents happen during the nighttime when vehicles aren’t all visible. In addition to this, if the driver is driving a heavy truck, semi-trailer, or a single unit truck, then the situation just becomes worse. In these cases, drivers can see even less of their surroundings.

Here’s how this affect the situation

  • Vehicles with low light beams can see up to 200 to 250 feet in front of them. Whereas the same vehicle with a high light beam can see at a distance of up to 350 to 500 feet.
  • If a vehicle is driving at 60 MPH then it will need almost 200 feet to come to a stop.
  • However, with heavy vehicles such as trucks carrying condiments, it’s even hard to react in an instant and stop their vehicle.
  • Here we can see why it is important to make vehicles more visible and give the driver more time to react.


How Tapes can help you with the situation

We have seen the problem, we have seen the results, now how about we provide you a solution. By simply adding a reflective tape on the back of every vehicle on your fleet, you can allow other drivers on the road to notice your vehicle from a much future distance than it is physically visible.

Multiple pieces of research have shown that adding a conspicuity tape (also referred to as reflective tapes) is one of the most effective ways to improve the visibility of any vehicle.


Following some of the researches are mentioned

  • In the year 2015, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) did a study. And, accounting to results 2,660 vehicle occupants were saved by the conspicuity tape on heavy vehicles between 1960 to 2012. In addition to this, the same research also stated that the conspicuity tape was able to reduce nighttime accidents involving heavy trailer trucks by almost 21% between 1983 and 1985.
  • In the year 1992, NHTSA made it essential for trailers that are over 80 inches wide as well as weigh more than 10,000lbs to have conspicuity tapes on both rear and sides of the trailer. After this rule, another study in the year 2001 shows that there was a 41% of accident deduction during night time. NHTSA also estimates that the reflective tapes also prevent between 190 to 350 deaths per year, up to 5,000 injuries as well as 7,800 crashes.


Benefits of having conspicuity tapes on your fleet

  • It will help you save your business assets from becoming a total wreck.
  • Helping to minimize your legal liability results in saving thousands of rupees in fines.

How to choose the right reflective tapes

When you are going shopping for your reflective tapes there are 3 characteristics that you should check for the most effective tape:


The tape you are considering should be bright, and vivid retro-reflectivity at wide angles. This will ensure that the tape will be easy to see during both day and night times. 

Strong adhesion

The tape is going to stick on the back and side of your trucks. It will also have to endure rain, heat, cold, and other demanding conditions. So choose a tape that will not come loose, peel, or even fall off.


Your reflective tape should be made from durable materials. This will help resist dirt, weather, and aging.



The bottom line is that your reflective tape is going to help you prevent accidents by allowing other drivers on the road to notice your vehicle and act on it. The investment is surely worth considering as well as legal.


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