Free Vs Paid Software

Free Vs Paid Software

Free is never Free​

There are many fleet management tools and transport management tools in the market, and the needs of each business will be different. As a small or newly started business, you may be tempted to choose a free fleet management tool. However, it’s important to remember that there is no such thing as a free lunch – the provider of the free software also has employees who need to be paid, rent to be paid etc. In the long run, it’s usually worth paying for a quality fleet management tool that will save you time and money in the long run.

Moreover softwares are free for several reasons

  • Software Companies want you to become their beta tester, you will find bugs for them which they will improve and later on make their software paid.
  • Software Companies want to gather your data and sell that data to earn revenue
  • Primary Software may be free but peripheral services might be paid

Your Data Privacy is at Risk

As there is no revenue from the end user, the revenue will be earned from the data you feed, your data is personal, but when you sign up for a free software, their privacy policies bind you to share your data without your intention. But you have no say as you are their free users. Many websites will ask you to download free transport softwares, but you will have to be digilant to read their terms and privacy policies.

No or Negligible Support

Support cost is more or less similar to development cost, if you are opting for free application, you would get conditional or no support, as there is no SLA, you may or may not get support for the issues you face in the application.

Less Features

As the application is free, there is less scope of research and development, probably the software is a copy of some other established software. Debugging for several years and improved UI and UX will never come for free.

No Role Management

If you are an established business owner, you would have several stakeholders working within or outside your organization. You would have to assign each user a role based on their requirements, you cannot show everything to everyone as your data is crucial. In free Software, there are either no roles or pre-defined roles which you will not be able to customize. 

Pre Built Print Templates

If you are using an application, it is your primary requirement to get that application’s print templates created as per your existing prints, with free softwares you are bound to use their pre made print templates, whereas in paid softwares you can ask your software vendor to customize the print template for yourself.

Lesser Integrations

Being Free software is neither trustworthy nor authentic, many integrations between two applications happen when the vendors are authentic, with free software you may get very few or no integrations, but a paid software vendor will make sure you get most of the work done through integrations.

No API Access

API access requires resources and authentications to be in place, free software providers lack both of them, paid software will not just integrate your existing service through api’s but you will be able to connect the paid service software to other services as well through API’s

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