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Middle mile delivery is vital to the transport of goods from a warehouse or fulfillment center to a retail facility. As its name suggests, it is the center part of the delivery process. The other delivery sections are first mile (transport from the manufacturer to the warehouse) and last mile (transport from the local warehouse to the customer). The last mile is typically the most focused on part of the process because it’s the part of the shipping process that comes right to their front porch. However, all stages are important to the process, and the middle mile should not be overlooked.

The middle mile is a crucial part of the shipment process, and there are many benefits to optimizing it. One way to do this is by bringing the process in-house and working with an FMC. This gives the business more control over the shipments and allows them to monitor the logistics more closely.

Why focus on middle mile delivery logistics?
Because if you don't, your entire delivery process may suffer.

Many companies are focusing their efforts on optimizing last mile deliveries, but the middle mile should not be ignored. If the middle mile becomes bottlenecked, it can cause problems further down the line. So if you want your deliveries to run smoothly, don’t forget about the middle mile!

Top tips to improve your middle-mile logistics Improve your middle-mile logistics with these tips:

Install a warehouse management system. Using an inventory management system in your warehouse provides you with much needed control over your inventory. It also allows you to arrange merchandise exactly according to your specifications. Refine your shipping and receiving process. Shipping and receiving must move as smoothly as possible to help improve your middle-mile logistics operation. Having efficient operations helps to increase the speed of transportation of goods between different warehouses. Use technology to plan better routes. Using a fleet management system with route planning capabilities is the best way to ensure vehicles are always taking the most efficient routes between warehouses.

How Fleetable optimizes your middle-mile logistics ?

Fleetable’s complete fleet management system helps you optimize delivery operations, including middle-mile delivery. Some of the top ways Fleetable can help streamline delivery operations include

Dispatch and workflow capabilities

  • Organize
  • Assign
  • Optimize for on-time delivery
Fleetable’s cloud-based Solutions. Fleet managers can enjoy total visibility, better customer satisfaction, scalability, and increased vehicle utilization.
Better fuel sustainability. Save on fuel and reduce your environmental impact using AI. Discover areas to optimize and identify opportunities to increase visibility of fuel economy . The fuel sensors integration help the fleet or transport manager to constantly monitor fuel consumption, which allows stakeholders to decide when to refill the tank.

Tools to streamline delivery operations. Motive’s delivery fleet management software provides all-in-one delivery route optimization, delivery vehicle tracking, and driver dispatch solutions. Fleet management companies can use Fleetable to satisfy customers and keep drivers happy with real-time insights and the transparency into deliveries your fleet needs to exceed expectations.

The ability to implement and maintain green logistics practices.  Fleet managers can reduce fuel consumption and costs with GPS tracking  and SIM Based Tracking.

TRACK WITHOUT A TRACKING DEVICE. Using the most efficient ways to reduces wear and tear on valuable fleet assets.

Learn how Fleetable can be your partner in streamlining and optimizing your middle-mile logistics. Request a demo today.


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