Some companies are used to carrying the same Eway Bill for different consignments twice or thrice. GST Council was aware of this but were not able to trace the same. Now GST officers have been armed with real-time data of commercial vehicle movement on highways with integration of the e-way bill (EWB) system with FasTag and RFID, a move which will help in live vigilance of such vehicles and check GST evasion. Mobile application of Eway Bill Officer now has some additional features, which provides them real-time tracking details of e-way bill and vehicle to help them nab tax evaders who are misusing the e-way bill system. This enhancement comes in after 3 years of Eway Bill System completion. FASTag, India’s electronic toll collection chip for national highways, is mandatory for all vehicles. Already, over 80 per cent of all toll collected across national highways is through FASTag. As of now more than 800 tolls are reported on a daily basis to the e-way bill system. The Government has been vigorous in its implementation of GST and has been able to enforce compliances on a real-time basis. The introduction of e-way bill, a web portal and RFID will enable taxpayer compliance in real-time and prevent revenue leakage. The e-way bill, a web portal and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology for conveyances will enable tax officers to undertake live vigilance in respect of e-way bill compliances, preventing revenue leakage by real-time identification of non-compliant taxpayers. Taxmen can now access reports on vehicles that have passed the selected tolls without e-way bills in the past few minutes. Also, the vehicles carrying critical commodities specific to the state and have passed the selected toll can be viewed. The GST E-way bill system is live and taxmen can access reports on vehicles that have passed the selected tolls without e-way bills in the past few minutes. This is the first time that taxmen have had this kind of real-time data access. The top five states in which generated maximum number of e-way bill for inter-state movement of goods were generated are Gujarat, Maharashtra, Haryana, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. The top five sectors where maximum e-way bills were generated in the past three years are textiles, electrical machinery, machinery and mechanical appliances, iron and steel, and automobiles. To improve tax compliance, the government has also started blocking of EWB bill generation if a GST registered taxpayer has not filed GSTR- 3B return for the last two successive months. Also, the government has blocked the generation of multiple EWBs on one invoice. If the EWB is once generated using an invoice number or document number, then none of the other parties can generate another EWB using the same invoice number. Besides, the e-way bills system has enabled auto calculation of distance based on PIN codes. The system will auto calculate the distance between the source and destination, based on PIN codes. Sources – Economic TimesIndian Express Fleetable FMS now has Eway-Bill Fully integrated (Know more about Eway-Bill Integration with Fleetable TMS)
  •  Fleetable TMS Shows Users while Booking Goods that the EWB has already been used in any of the branch before
  • It also checks in real time that the Eway bill is assigned to the Transporter ID and has not expired.
  • The fleetable TMS can alter the status of goods that are in movement and also displays the number of e way bills expiring on a particular day. With the TMS system you can also extend the Eway Bills which are in particular vehicle which is indeed connected to GPS.
  • With Fleetable TMS you are always in control with the notifications/alerts that system send about Expiring and Status of Eway Bill.

The Above Image Shows how all the eway bills expiring can be extended in one go by putting Pin code and Current place by looking at GPS Location.

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