state wise eway bill limit
Sr. No.StateEWB  start DateNotification referenceThreshold limit
1Andhra Pradesh15-04-2018CCTs Ref. in CCW/GST/74/2015 , dated 11-04-201850,000
2Arunachal Pradesh25-04-2018Press Release50,000
3Assam16-05-2018Notification No. 30/2019-GST, dated 16-12-2019 – Temporary suspension of generation of E-way
Bill for intra-state movement of goods Notification No. 07, dated 07-05-2018
4Bihar20-04-2018Notification No. S.O. 14, dated 14-01-2019; No e-way Bill required for intra-State movement of goods where the consignment value does not exceed One Lac RupeesAbove 1 Lac – (revised w.e.f. 21.01.2019, earlier it was 2Lacs)
5Chhattisgarh01-06-2018Notification No. F-10-31/2018/CT/V (46), dated 19-06-2018 – No EWB required for intra-state movement of all goods except for 15 notified goods of consignment value exceeding fifty thousand rupees50,000 for specified goods
6Delhi16-06-2018Notification No. 03, dated 15-06-2018 – EWB required for intra-state movement of goods for consignment value exceeding Rupees One Lakh1,00,000
7Goa01-06-2018EWB required for 22 listed goods, Notification No. CCT/26-2/2018-19/36, dated 28-05-201850,000 (only for specified 22 goods)
8Gujarat15-04-2018Notification No.GSL/GST/RULE-138(14)/B.19,dated 19-09-2018, EWB required for intra-state movement of all goods other than specified class of goods + No EWB required for Intra-city movement of goodsNo EWB required all goods for any consignment value other than specified class of goods for Job-Work + No EWB required for Intra- city movement of goods (any value)
9Haryana20-04-2018Notification No. 49/ST-2, dated 19-04-201850,000
10Himachal Pradesh20-04-2018EWB required for all goods w.e.f. 01-06-2018, Notification No. 12-4/78-EXN-TAX-17408, dated 31-05-201850,000
11Jammu and Kashmir01-06-2018Notification No. 64, dated 30.11.2019 – No e-Way Bill is required to be generated to transport any class of goods of any value in case of movement of goods which commence and terminate within the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir 
12Jharkhand20-04-2018Notification No. S.O. 66, dated 26-09-2018Above 1 Lac for goods other than specified goods
13Karnataka01-04-2018Press Release, dated 29-03-201850,000
14Kerala15-04-2018Press Release Notification No. 09 dated 13-09-2018-Movement of Tiles and Sanitary wares accompanied by expired EWB from Cochin Port to destination of recipient is exempted from e – Way bill till 30.09.201850,000
15Madhya Pradesh25-04-2018Notification No. F-A 3-08-2018-1-V(43), dated 24-04-2018; EWB required for 11 listed goods50,000 (only for specified 11 goods)
16Maharashtra25-05-2018Notification No. 15E, dated 29-06-2018 – EWB required for all taxable goods of consignment value exceeding Rupees One Lakh & No EWB required for transport of certain goods for the purpose of job work1,00,000
17Manipur25-05-2018Press Release50,000
18Meghalaya25-04-2018Notification No. ERTS (T) 84/2017/20, dated 20-04-201850,000
19Mizoram01-06-2018Notification No.J.21011/2(iii)/2018 -TAX/Pt, dated 02.07.2018 – EWB required for all taxable goods of consignment value exceeding Rupees Fifty Thousand50,000
20Nagaland30-04-2018Notification No. 07, Notification No. 06 &Notification No. 0250,000
21Odisha01-06-2018Press Release; Cases where no EWB is required,refer Public Notice50,000
22Puducherry25-04-2018Notification No. F. No. 3240/CTD/GST/2018/3 ,dated 24-04-201850,000
23Punjab01-06-2018No. PA/ETC/2018/175 , dated 13-09-2018 – No EWB required to be generated for the intra -State movement of goods in specified cases1,00,000
24Rajasthan20-05-2018Notification No. F17 (131) ACCT/GST/2017/3743 , dated 06.08.2018 – Exemption from EWB for intra-state movement of goods in the State of Rajasthan for the purpose of Job WorkIncreased from 50,000 to 1,00,000 (except for goods falling under Chapter 24 and Heading 2106) vide Notification No. F.17(131- Pt.-II) ACCT/GST/2017/6672 ,dated 30.03.2021
25Sikkim25-04-2018Press Release50,000
26Tamil Nadu02-06-2018No EWB is required for certain class of goods,Notification No. 09, dated 31-05-20181,00,000
27Telangana15-04-2018Press Release50,000
28Tripura20-04-2018Notification No.F.1-11(91)-TAX/GST/2018 (Part-I), dated 17-04-201850,000
29Uttar Pradesh15-04-2018Notification No. 38, dated 11-04-2018 Notification No.-E-way bill- R.F.I.D./sachaldal/2018 -19/1025/commercial tax,dated 07.09.2018 – Notifies the date from which the transporters are required to obtain and get R.F.I.D. Tag embedded on windscreen of the conveyance carrying goods50,000
30Uttarakhand20-04-2018Notification No. 239/CSTUK/GST-Vidhi/2018-19,dated 17-04-201850,000
31West Bengal03-06-2018Notification No. 11/2018-C.T./GST, dated 30-05- 2018
In case of Intra-State movement of goods e-Way Bill required where the consignment value exceeds Rupees One Lakh; Notification No. 13,dated 06.06.2018
100000 [No EWB required for intra-state movement of goods for the purpose of Job Work Ref.Notification No. 14, dated 12.07.2018]
1Andaman and Nicobar25-05-2018Notification No. 10, dated 21-05-201850,000
2Chandigarh25-05-2018Notification No. 07, dated 18-05-201850,000
3Dadra & Nagar Haveli & Daman & Diu25-05-2018Notification No. 08, dated 18-05-201850,000
4Lakshadweep25-05-2018Notification No. 11, dated 21-05-201850,000

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